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Being faithful to your diet is never easy, but during the holidays it can be especially hard. Aside from this, trying to fit in your exercise sessions during the holiday season is quite a feat. Do you dread the prospect of starting off the New Year with excess pounds you’ll have to work off? Here is something that should help you feel better. It’s not as hard as you think to maintain your diet and exercise programs during this time of year. If you’re worried about holiday weight gain, just stick to the rules we’ll be discussing in this article.

There are many types of support groups that you can join, and weight loss is one of them. It is a good idea to join forces with a friend as long as you are positive for each other. Joining a weight loss support group like Weight Watchers is even better. When you have a sounding board, like the meetings are, to help deal with the anxiety that is caused by holidays and the increased temptations, it makes it a lot easier getting through the time period. When you feel like cheating, it is nice to know there are others who feel the same way, and they are there to help you get through it.

Not only does food consumption increase over the holidays, so does alcohol consumption. It’s common for people to drink a lot at holiday parties, sometimes causing them to get into embarrassing situations. Losing weight will be much easier if you are a light drinker or if you don’t drink alcohol at all. The calories you get from alcohol are really sugar and don’t do your body any good.

Drinking alcohol also makes it harder for you to focus in a rational manner, which often means eating everything in sight that tempts you.

While teaming up with someone who’s also trying to lose weight is helpful no matter what season it is, during the holidays it can be even more beneficial. Buddy up with a friend or coworker who is also trying to watch his or her weight. It can help to have someone to turn to when you feel overwhelmed by all the ways the holidays encourage you to overindulge. You’re more likely to stick with something when you’re accountable to someone else. Enlisting the help of another person with similar goals can make it much easier, and more enjoyable to get through the holidays in good shape. People have a hard time dealing with the holidays without adding any more stress. Part of the stress should not be your diet and weight loss goals. Reaching your goals can be done easily, if you set a course and just stay on it, without allowing anyone to change it. We’ve talked about a few of them here in this article. There are plenty of places to look to find things that will help you.

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